Literary Awards are Important

National Literary Awards Dates

FAWVic is working toward setting each of the FAW National Literary Awards to a specific date during the year and will be publicised as they become available. The task is challenging in many ways, one being the many hours of work needed to manage each award. We need to ensure the money is available to cover the cost of prizes and the ability to promote each award. Building this program is a focus for FAWVic and we appreciate the support from people who enter the awards.

We will list each award with closing dates so submitters can plan ahead. Also, where possible, we will accept work in PDF only to eliminate the high cost of printing and postage for each entry. This also means writers might be able to enter more of their work.

Awards’ Prize Money

Money generated from award entries, donations, and sponsorships is strictly earmarked for the national awards account and all work administering the awards is voluntary.

We appreciate sponsorship arrangements and donations to go towards individual awards or spread across all awards.

Donations will be put towards higher prize money being offered. It is better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all. But please do not let us fail.


We need assistance with the National Literary Awards program and would be pleased to hear from people interested in helping, even for a particular award.