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Dr Mary Burbidge, sponsor of the Jennifer Burbidge Award, suggested we set up this Member Morsels page, so it is open for our writer friends to let us know about their successes or news they wish to share. It is also open to non-members for fair comment. Food for thought.

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Poetry Matters is a print journal based in Victoria, which has featured the work of poets Australia-wide since 2006. Each year, since 2009, it has run a themed poetry competition. This is a way of encouraging contemplation and improvement of work, and it provides some remuneration to poets. 

Runaway world is the theme for 2019. Entries close 31 May. For conditions of entry and entry form, please contact: poetry.clh@gmail.com.

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May Gibbs Children’s Literature Trust

Applications for 2020 Creative Time Residential Fellowships are now open.
Published authors or illustrators of at least one book for children or young people are invited to apply for “the gift of time”. The May Gibbs Children’s Literature Trust provides accommodation, local support, and travel to and from one of our three host cities – Adelaide, Canberra or Brisbane.

Visit maygibbs.org.au to find more information, provided under ‘creative time fellowships’.
N.B. This information is most effectively viewed on a computer screen rather than on phones or tablets.

For application details, contact Polly Hamer, Fellowships Coordinator: contact@maygibbs.org.au
Completed applications must be received by 11.59pm on Tuesday 30th April 2019.

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I laugh I cry I feel is the title of a poem that introduces my novel that relates the first person story of an intellectually disabled child. The book was on the same internationally acclaimed list as Alan Marshall’s well known I Can Jump Puddles.

‘I wrote the book in the first person to try to get people to understand that people with intellectual disability had feelings and that they should not be left to die young in institutions.

‘That was in 1978. Forty years later there’s now a writing competition for people with intellectual disability. In 2018 people with intellectual disability are encouraged to write their own stories.
Launched in 2017 by VALID (Victorian Advocacy League for People with Disability) and Writers Victoria, the annual Dulcie Stone Writers Competition is a writing competition for people with intellectual disability.

‘At the 2017 launch, the 32 writers spoke about how wonderful it was to write about their feelings, their day to day lives, their dreams and goals, and to create stories and poems.

‘In 2018 there were 68 entries. Two entries were written by young women who had been sexually abused. For them, and others like them, writing is opening up a critically important whole new world.’

From Dulcie Stone.

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‘Children have the right to reach eighty and we have a duty of care to see they do.’
From Cadere Genos.

This is the first line from Jim Mynard’s new book.

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Cutting Sexual Abuse, a fictional crime story by Dulcie Stone is available from Zeus Publications and Amazon. Read More.

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Davitts Book Award

Sisters in Crime Australia’s 19th Davitt Awards for the best crime and mystery books by Australian women are now open.

Publishers have until Friday 3 May to enter. Self-published books are again eligible.

To enter the Davitts, publishers should contact Carmel Shute, Sisters in Crime, National Co-convenor ASAP on admin@sistersincrime.org,au and get books to the judges before 3 May. Enquiries: 0412 569 356

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Jacqueline Lonsdale Cuerton has released The Last Shot, which calls on her experiences as a child in the London blitz, particularly when a German bomb blew in the walls of her

Jacqueline went on from being a forgotten child dictated to by war to live a fascinating life and to become one of Australia’s foremost writers.

The Last Shot is available from Ginnindera Press (ginninderrapress.com.au).

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‘Great to see the web page being updated on a regular basis.’ 

From Mavis Russell.

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Zoe has recently moved to Launceston, Tasmania, and would like to pursue her creative writing through a formal class or informal meet ups. If you’re in the area and know of something that would be suitable, would you contact us please and we’ll pass the information onto Zoe.

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‘Just want to congratulate the new team and say that I am delighted to see the professional way FAW Victoria is now presented.’

From Jean Thornton.

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‘I am looking forward to seeing more books listed, not just the one.’

From Mavis Russell.


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