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Dr Mary Burbidge, sponsor of the Jennifer Burbidge Award, suggested we set up this Member Morsels page, so it is open for our writer friends to let us know about their successes or news they wish to share. It is also open to non-members for fair comment. Food for thought.


Mary from Broad Editing and Services, who helps out, likes the idea of a blog page offering valuable information to writers, so get writing and send in those pearls of wisdom. Don’t forget to include a short bio to be added to your article. It is a great way to add to your writer’s résumé.

Message Board

‘Great to see the web page being updated on a regular basis.’ 

From Mavis Russell.

* * *

Zoe has recently moved to Launceston, Tasmania, and would like to pursue her creative writing through a formal class or informal meet ups. If you’re in the area and know of something that would be suitable, would you contact us please and we’ll pass the information onto Zoe.

* * *

‘Just want to congratulate the new team and say that I am delighted to see the professional way FAW Victoria is now presented.’

From Jean Thornton.

* * *

‘I am looking forward to seeing more books listed, not just the one.’

From Mavis Russell.


Please send items to: secretary@fawvic.com.au.