Thank you for visiting the Fellowship of Australian Writers (FAW) website and welcome.

Our Victorian fellowship is part of an Australia wide writers group working for excellence in literature, and we also invite you to search our FAW partner groups in other States.

We represent and support writers wherever possible.

Because you are a visitor to our site, we feel you must have an interest in writing. Would you like to become a writer or perhaps you already have published work. You might like to write a family history, poetry, a novel, a film script, but you just need a little nudge to get you going. You could enter some of our awards or awards conducted by other groups.

Remember these three things:

  • Successful writers experienced 10% inspiration and 90% work.
  • Put your ideas from reverie, conversations, or news items into a journal no matter how trivial they might seem at the time. This is fodder for writers.
  • Begin, the rest is easy.

If getting on with it becomes a problem we are here to advise and help—we’ve all been through it.

If you have a finished work, let us know about it so we might find a pathway for you to walk.

Please keep in contact with us because we need you as well as you need us. 

Angelo B Natolie Award

First Prize $1000

While entry submissions for The Jim Hamilton Award and Jennifer Burbidge Award have now closed, we look forward to more competitions in 2019.

Watch this space for the popular Angelo B Natolie Award for the best short story. Details will be announced early in the new year.


All competitions are listed on the National Awards page once details are confirmed.